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In a nutshell

Corporate reports are content champions! They contain countless facts you can use for a yearlong communication: on the economic development, sustainability achievements, employee satisfaction, strategic goals and much more. Use them to push your report!

Push Reporting benefits

  • Increase of reach and effect
    Social Media posts keep your report present all year long.
  • Expansion of audience
    Selected content draws the attention of additional target groups.
  • Return on invested budget
    Your invested budget pays off with an increased reach.
  • Synergies for corporate communication
    Report communication also supports your branding goals.
  • Targeted content for your audience
    Reach your target group with specifically selected content.
  • Proof of relevance internally & externally
    Fullfill internal KPIs to prove the relevance.

Push Reporting exploits hidden potential and improves return.

Today’s paradox

High effort for moderate outcome

Companies take an enormous effort to produce their reports. But as soon as they are published, stakeholders are expected to find the reports themselves. No other comparable cost-intensive product would be communicated so little.

Heavy and intense workload

Content production for each report causes an enormous effort. In comparison, communication activities are planned with a much smaller extent.

Giant, six-figure budgets

Six-figure budgets are invested to create a report. On contrary, companies spend a minimal amount on communication.

Large amounts of time invested

Teams of different persons are involved and easily spend hundreds of hours on creation. Relative to this: One user reads 3 minutes per visit on average.

  • Workload
  • Budget
  • Time

Oops, this pretty much describes our last report communication efforts.

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What our survey* found

Report communication is still in its infancy among most companies

37% actively communicate the report over several months
11% publish more than 10 postings on the annual report on their social media channels
27% do not communicate their annual report in social media at all

* Source: Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2019, N=55-57 stock-listed companies (DAX, MDAX, TecDAX, ATX, SMI)

Wow, there is a lot of potential! I would like to discuss and connect with other reporting experts.

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Push Reporting

Make your hidden champion visible

Push Reporting uses everything that is already there. It takes exclusive information and sets it into scene on social media. Facts like employee figures or CO2 emissions, KPIs or CEO quotes are valuable for your stakeholder – and for yourself in order to increase your reach.

Promote your report!

  • Create a strategic communication plan throughout the year.
  • Paid ad campaigns effectively support your goals.
  • Even with low budgets, you can broaden your reach significantly.

Unique user visits after online report publication


Regular social media postings draw the attention of your stakeholder and provide them with the information they need.

Best Practice

Successful Push Reporting campaigns

Merck Group Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

The strategic communication plan of Merck promotes the Corporate Responsibility Report over several months. More than 30 assets such as GIFs and videos were posted on LinkedIn and Twitter.

A targeted ad campaign supports the communication – in 2017 the campaign led to 60.000 additional visitors.

Merck is a multinational pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences company – and listed on the DAX index of Germany's top companies.

Push Effect
60.000 Additional visitors to the online report

Annual Report 2018

The strategic communication plan of METRO AG focused on the ten months after the publication of the digital report and encompassed 20 assets published on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Within the first 4 months after publication the visits showed an increase of over 40%.

METRO is a leading international wholesale company with food and non-food assortments.

Push Effect
+40% increase in visits within the first 4 months.

Covestro AG
Annual Report 2018

Covestro planned and produced several social media assets for the annual report that were published on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Covestro is among the leading suppliers of premium polymers and part of DAX 30.

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